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Democratic Socialist Party

"Capitalism is not cute and cuddly"

Housing Is A Human Right

The housing crisis is destroying our communities, causing mass homelessness and leaving families with children sleeping in cars or in tents, because they can't afford to rent or buy a house anywhere in the country. And it's all driven by the capitalist system of private property, which allows the rich to buy up all the land, leaving nothing left for the working class. We need parliament to make guaranteed housing a human right.

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"Ever since the abolition of slavery during the 1800s, Western capitalist countries have been patting themselves on the back as the liberator of oppressed peoples around the world. And while this is partly true - Western countries are hostile towards dictatorships and absolute monarchies like North Korea or Saudi Arabia - but if the West really does some honest soul-searching as a society, we need to understand that the working class in capitalist countries have always been kept in slave-like conditions. Early socialist writers in the 1800s coined the tongue-in-cheek term"wage-slavery" to describe these living conditions, characterized by high rents, low wages and harmful working conditions.


The way to end this system of "wage-slavery" is to pass rent-controls to lower rent, increase the minimum wage, expand the social safety net like healthcare and maternity leave, and ultimately move towards making affordable home ownership a human right..." 

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We need 1500 signatures to appear on the ballot in the next election, according to the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918.


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